From Awkward Silence to Open Mic

We made Sex Education Fun & Inclusive!

Last Saturday, we hosted our Sex and well-being Webinar - the first masterclass in a series of upcoming courses led by experts! And it was beyond amazing - if I may say so myself. The days leading up to it, I was so rattled. Even though I have seen for 11 years what lack of sex education does to women, I kept thinking:

“Will we get trolled online for hosting this - inn soul sisters ki beghairati hi nahi khatam hoti?”
“Will people not sign up because of the stigma around this topic?”
“Will this be the new topic of gossip i.e. naya shosha by the soulies.”

Thankfully, none of my worst nightmares came true and in fact the webinar was a room full of women who came with their minds and hearts open.

Me after the event for real

Everyone in that room learned and created a safe space for each other - even in this intimate and vulnerable conversation. Kudos to our expert onboard - Samia Khan (who is a certified Sex Therapist in the US). And special thanks to my moderators - Faryal Khan and Tazeen Erum - who took such great care of the attendees!

Also, don’t be fooled by the email subtitle because this webinar was attended by women of all ages and backgrounds - regardless of their marital or relationship status or religion. Because this isn’t information that has to be shelved for a specific time or place but something everyone must know! We conducted a brief survey when the event was over and here were the results!

  1. 97% learned something new.

  2. 86% were “extremely satisfied” with the execution.

  3. 80% felt empowered and informed.

I learned so much and Samia was so easy to listen to. I wish we talk more about sex in our daily lives instead of shutting the topic down

- Anonymous Attendee

I found the overall vibe of the room to be so calm specially since Samia started off with breathing exercises (which can be so beneficial during sex as well) and also gave a disclaimer each time she was about to go into explicit details. I loved how respectful attendees were in the way they were asking questions and sharing appreciative messages. No attendees could see each other - in order to maintain their privacy as so many had concerns around this!

Amazing and educational webinar! Special thanks to all organizers, Samia and Kanwal. I needed this webinar so badly! Hope to build a healthier relationship with myself and husband after this. Thanks!

-Anonymous Attendee

Samia covered types of intimacy, explained the parts of our vagina and uterus both, talked about different types of sex, sexual dysfunctions as well as how to improve communication in relationships and work through struggles and red flags both! In two hours she covered so much that even people like myself who have been married for over a decade walked out with new information.

The recording of this webinar is open to all ticket holders (it has been emailed to them separately) as well as ALL premium members of this newsletter. If you are not a premium member you can upgrade here right now and then reopen this post to login and see the two hour webinar. Upgrading will also give you free or discounted access to future events and webinars by the platform on a variety of topics!

The following topics were discussed during the webinar

Keeping these events paid is an important part of the structure of this organization because it ensures that all experts involved in curating this content are paid, the team managing the content and operations gets a salary and that we can grow this platform. Eventually, we may open scholarships for people who are in-need and that again will require some form of financing - so those paying help us create avenues for those who cannot!

That’s all for today. I’m so happy that we are able to bust myths and build each other up by sharing our skills and resources! ❤️ 


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