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They call us the "women" who dare to defy!

So, this has been in the works for a while.

Welcome to our cult! ⚡️ 

If you’re not from Pakistan - let me tell you some people equate us to witches there. The women who are making other women wild.

Except we do it not with potions, but meaningful conversations. And wild basically means we dare to use our voice.

Since women talking about their issues and their rights is a threat to humanity. 🥲 

This new company that I’m so excited to grow here (which jumped from 0-35,000 subscribers within days!) is an extension of our Facebook Community called Soul Sisters Pakistan. SSP is the first and oldest private, safe space for women which has been around for 11 years discussing EVERY thing, that affects women, under the sun! That’s why I’m excited and happy you are here with me on this site.

While our overall site is still being worked on - this newsletter, is going to be like a series of (beghairat aurton* ke) letters sent straight to your inbox, curated by me and our growing team of contributors. The full access to the contents of this newsletter will be for paying members. However, we will always keep the Facebook Group FREE as well as much of the content on the website.

A picture from the soft launch of Hey Soulie last month in Toronto, Canada. ❤️ 

The truth is, if we are to build something of our own we need it to have a source of stable, transparent, ethical revenue. I want my contributors, tech team and everyone who puts in work for this site to be paid. Free labour in this economy is totally not acceptable. I don’t want to work with genocidal brands and I don’t want to tiptoe around shady deals. I want those who build this space to be valued by those who will use it because that is the culture we want from the get go.

If you do choose to pay you won’t just be supporting the building of our new platform and a forever FREE SSP but you will also be getting additional perks, like first access to in-person events, exclusive writing and exciting updates from me, free online zoom sessions with other Soulies around the world etc.

The part about paid contributions also means eventually YOU can send submissions and be a paid, published writer on the site! It’s like a digital revival of the paper magazines we all grew up reading at home, in hair salons and waiting rooms. Except that we will be talking about EVERY thing they keep telling us not to talk about. This includes taboos, global issues, relationships and sex, insights, resources and interviews with some amazing (opinionated) women and a lot more.

Everything that made SSP unique is now going to be accessible globally - OUTSIDE of Facebook. And we are going to make more noise than ever before. The plan is to make everyone who tried to silence us, wear ear muffs themselves instead.

Okay now, let’s do this! And as always - Free Palestine. 🍉

Kanwal Ahmed
Your OG Soulie

*The term "Begharat Aurton", meaning "Shameless Women," is a powerful act of reclamation by our community, defying the negative labels society throws at us.


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